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Anytime Fitness Drives Revenue With Personal Training Tech

Athletech News
May 8, 2024
4 min read
Anytime Fitness Multi-Unit Owner, Andrew Breton, points to advanced technology as propelling his clubs’ success, with tech-supported personal training programs accounting for about 50% of revenue and driving member engagement.
A multi-unit Anytime franchise owner credits AF’s SmartCoaching feature as a key revenue and member engagement driver at his 13 clubs

Andrew Breton, a multi-unit Anytime Fitness franchisee with 13 clubs in Connecticut, points to advanced technology as propelling his clubs’ success, with tech-supported personal training programs accounting for about 50% of revenue and driving member engagement.

Under parent company Self Esteem Brands, Anytime Fitness has become one of the fastest-growing gym brands in the world, recently debuting a groundbreaking deal with Apple Fitness+ and launching SmartCoaching technology, available through the AF app.

Introduced last year, SmartCoaching provides Anytime members with personalized coaching anytime, anywhere via its app, which tracks activity and performance wherever members are. The captured data is then analyzed using predictive analytics to craft personalized health and fitness plans for each member. A body composition scanner tracks progress, and as members achieve their fitness goals, new programs are created that match their new level.

Providing truly ‘personalized’ personal training has been a game-changer for the Anytime Fitness member experience, according to Breton.

“It allows us to be there for our clients when they need us most, making a profound impact,” Breton said. “While clients are often enthusiastic and motivated, it’s during the tough times that the value of a coach truly shines. Coaches play a pivotal role in helping clients navigate challenges, stay motivated and perform at their best. Many are realizing that sustainable progress in health and wellness comes from behavior change, which is best achieved with professional guidance.”

(Andrew Breton, Anytime Fitness Multi-Unit Owner)

Engagement & Retention Features

Breton says SmartCoaching, particularly its SmartEngagement feature, has been instrumental in enhancing both member retention and personal training sales at his gyms.

“This innovative system predicts when members might be considering canceling their memberships, allowing our team to provide timely support,” he explains. “This proactive approach not only helps us maintain lower attrition rates but has also led to a noticeable increase in personal training sales. Members who are contemplating leaving often require additional guidance and support, which our coaches are well-equipped to provide, resulting in a positive guest experience.”

Breton adds that the AF app has significantly improved coach efficiency, resulting in 21% of revenue at his gyms stemming from personal training.

“Previously, coaches could manage around 40-45 clients, but with the app, they can now effectively handle up to 60 clients without compromising on the personalized experience,” he said. “The app enables coaches to segment clients based on their specific needs, communicate more efficiently, and build and track client workouts outside of regular sessions.”

Tech & The Human Element

This dedication to fitness technology and delivering a personalized fitness experience for members is what Breton feels distinguishes Anytime Fitness from other gym franchises.

“While technology helps us streamline services, we understand that lasting change comes from modifying behaviors, supported by genuine human interactions,” he said. “Our focus on high-quality coaching allows us to meet service standards while offering something truly special to each member.”

Anytime Fitness app

Balancing out the advanced “anytime, anywhere” technology is Anytime’s signature 24/7 access to its clubs.

“This blend of innovation and personal touch is what truly differentiates us,” Breton said, adding that he sees technology as a tool to enhance, not replace, personalized fitness interactions.

“What used to take 35 minutes to build a client’s workout now takes only 5 minutes, thanks to technological tools,” he continued. “This efficiency gain allows coaches to provide better follow-up and more personalized attention to clients. By leveraging technology in this way, we ensure that it complements our human-centered approach, making our services efficient and deeply personalized.”

With 13 successful Anytime Fitness clubs in his portfolio, Breton says continued growth is part of his plan.

“The wellness industry is experiencing rapid growth, and Anytime Fitness is uniquely positioned to cater to the evolving needs of wellness consumers,” he said. “As we continue to see the demand for convenient, high-quality fitness facilities increase, we’re excited about the opportunity to expand our footprint and serve even more communities.”


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